We Offer you pre-buy inspections for ALL MAKES of car

Unsure if the car you're looking at is worth the cost of an inspection? 

Easy!  We'll do a 'walk-around' inspection on anything you bring us for just $69. That reduces the odds of having to pay for a complete used-car checkout, only to find it's no good. If we like it, we will proceed with the technical parts of the full-charge inspection, incrementally, the walk-around then essentially becomes free.

Pre-Purchase used-car check-outs ~~ cheap insurance:

Since 1990 we have offered the best pre-purchase used car and truck assessments in southern Arizona. The Service is very specific and tailored over the decades to provide you with a definite outcome for a reasonable price.  

We DO NOT offer parking lot inspections or mobile on-site inspections as they are so inferior as to defeat the WHOLE PURPOSE of a Buyer's Check, which happens to be ... getting it right.  We need all the facilities of our workshop at hand.

What to Expect

  • We need a day heads-up when you schedule your pre-purchase inspection
  • We'll need the vehicle dropped-off with us at the workshop
  • We'll keep the car all afternoon: a good pre-buy takes about three hours
  • Please send with the car: any and all past service records, and a Carfax® report, if you have them
  • Expect to spend ten minutes on the phone-interview after drop-off
  • If the inspection goes to fruition, most cars* run $295 for the complete Service
  • Expect pickup or post-inspection consultation to take about ten minutes
  • Arrangement can be made to handle all of this over the phone, including payment
  • You will get a written report and estimated valuation to go with the verbal one
  • Occasionally we will recommend further tests before approving a candidate-car
  • We don't offer on-site Inspections, sorry
  • For exotics and collector cars, please call for a cost estimate*

Our Objective 

No used car is perfect. That's why we're here for you! Vehicle inspection allows us to help you buy a used car; to discuss with you at length whether it is a wise purchase. We also seek to value the auto for you, when compared with its peers -- used autos of similar make, age and mileage -- so that you can have the best 'new' car your budget and desires permit.

Check List for our Pre-Purchase Inspection team

Item Aspect Description
Chassis / Frame Damage Inspect for rust or major past collision repairs often missed by Carfax®
Engine Wear Tests for noise, irregular cranking, indication of low oil pressure, leakage, abuse
Transmission & Final Drive Wear Tests for correct operation, including extensive road testing, review of service records
Body & Interior Damage Rate cosmetic condition vs. asking price and Kelly Blue Book® price (if applicable), and advise client how it compares with other cars of similar age and mileage
Suspensions Wear & Damage Tests for correct operation, including extensive road testing, inspections for abuse
Tires, brakes, battery, hoses, belts Overview These items do not represent "buy" or "don't buy" items, but where possible will be inspected

Will you make a list of little stuff for me to haggle with?

Not really.  When we suggest a fair value of $6500 on the report, for example, it already took into account that repairs would need to be made.  Typically the objective in the pre-buy is to rule-out cars not worth repairing such as cars with severe rust, damaged engine or transmission, prior collision damage.  If the car had no such flaws, it "passed" the inspection.  It is important to understand that the list of repairs we inevitably provide afterwards, is not a result from a part of that vehicle inspection, but a happenstance result of having looked at the major items.
Therefore, if purchased, we first recommend having a complete [next Major Interval] Service and Inspection performed.  This should bring all the fluids up to date, and better itemize the little things that should be repaired and items that should be changed preventatively.  On any car purchased with accumulated miles, some items will be coming due.   These items do not directly influence fair-market value, since that market value already assumes any other similar car car of similar mileage will have a similar list of small needs.

Already bought a used car?

We also offer post-purchase inspections for those who did not get their used car checkout, or wonder whether their old car has ... had it.  These inspections are similar to the above checklist except that chassis / frame, body, & interior line items are deleted, and the tires, brakes, battery, belts and hoses line item becomes a detailed inspection of those, and similar day-to-day items.  These cost a little more, and provide an excellent baseline for ownership going forward.

Conveniently and Appropriately Located

We are about 15 minutes from U of A or midtown, ten minutes from DM or downtown. We are just off I-10, which is good for those on the north-west side and Oro Valley. Better still, being located near the freeway and in an uncontested area we can properly road-test cars and trucks so that when we check a used car we're not limited to a ten-minute drive around the block in city traffic.
* Specialty and collector cars require additional due diligence in valuation and originality, and do run considerably more.  Please call with specifics to inquire.


There's no need to kick tires, and risk ever buying a bad used car since our local mechanic detectives can easily be hired to be on your side


WHY GAMBLE ON A USED CAR?  Please Be Certain!!

lemons aren't obviousBuying A Used Car all is about making decisions and weighing out options.  This cannot be done intelligently without a very good mechanic's input ...

Quality Mechanics on your side

If the first pre-buy car doesn't work out, we will happily coach you on what to look for so that second one you select will more likely pass the grade

Advice and Tips:

As a buyer, please remember you're in the driver's seat. Never let the salesman make you feel rushed or pressured.

Never buy a used car if the seller refuses to let you take it for a professional Buyer's Check. Reputable Dealers will deliver the car to us, and pick it up for you.

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