Range Rover ABS Brake system technical information bulletin:

Affected Vehicles:
    Range Rover Classic models 1990 through 1995
    Range Rover P38a models 1995 through 2002

    Range Rover brakes; WABCO ABS brakes

    Land Rover manual contains insufficient information regarding system faults.
    Aging vehicles are suffering problems not expected when documentation was originally issued.
    Forums spread costly mis-information to end-users.
Diagnostic and repair information:
    Land Rover GTR  (factory web site)
    Getting Comfortable with WABCO ABS (book)

Specific areas of concern:
    Hydraulic Booster Unit (modulator) mal-diagnosis
    Premature pressure pump failure
    Non-diagnosed accumulator (sphere)
    Pressure switch test proceedure
    Periodic ABS pump relay replacement
    Correct system bleed