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Brilliant discovery! Rover madness!! Tucson has but one independent facility wholly dedicated to all facets of Land Rover maintenance and repair.* Our mechanics have decades of Rover experience to share. If you want your truck cared for in ways the big-box brake shops and quicky lube places are unqualified, and suspect that the Dealer is over-charging or under-serving, then we are what you are looking for. Our philosophy on service differs from that of the manufacturer, their heirs and assigns [Royal, in Tucson], in that our goal is not to sell you a new vehicle. Not even eventually. Folks do come to Falconworks from as far away as Phoenix and Prescott for our expert maintenance and repair, motoring past so many competitors on their way, but Tucsonans find in us not a cheaper product than the dealer sells, just a better value.

*We sublet out paintwork, and upholstery repairs.

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