ATTENTION!   Inspection Alert


Affected vehicles:  Land Rover Discovery Series II    (1999 to 2004 models)

Recommended action:  Inspect front drive-shaft center U-Joint each 6000 miles

Issued by:  Falconworks Land Rover Service, Tucson, 3/30/09


Catastrophic front driveshaft failures on Discovery 2 have been occurring at an alarming rate.  This is costly and wholly preventable.  However, unlike other drive shaft designs the driver seldom notices any symptoms at all before eruption.  Side effects can include violent destruction of the automatic transmission, undercarriage pipes, and more.  Careful and skilled execution of the regular oil-change interval Inspection Service can almost always identify this failure before the worst happens.  Always ask your garage whether they test for wear in the drive-shaft joints! 

Most quickie-lube places do not have the skills or tools.  Too many Discovery Series II are NOT getting proper Inspections.

When in Tucson, Falconworks' (The intelligent auto repair shop) standard recommended Land Rover Inspection and Oil Service (detail below) for the 6000 to 7500 mile interval always includes this check, and is available for Discovery 1, Discovery II, and all Range Rover through 2002 now with this coupon at the price of $229


Print entire page.  Print as many as you like.  Give them to your friends.   Offer expires 12/31/2012

Here are the items included in this Service.  Always includes premium Castrol GTX motor oil (sealed containers, never bulk oil) and premium Coopers (UK) or Mann (German) oil filter.  Repairs or replacements of inspected items marked with * can be done additional in cost, only  if requested, such as bulb, hose or belt replacements for example. 

Roadtest before service----Test windscreen jets and adjust if req'd--- Check A/C, heater, and function of all controls
Check Automatic Trans fluid & top off & note ------ Stethescope: Listen to alternator, water pump, all idlers for bearing wear & note results
Check all external lamps including headlamp adjust & repair*
Check air filter & renew*
Change engine oil & filter
Undercarriage inspection & wheels-on brake check ------Check engine mounts------transmission mounts, exhaust mounts-----suspension joints
Check levels in differentials, manual transmissions, and transfer cases, add fluid if low and  note for reference
Check, inspect, measure tread and air-up tyres including spare - advise on alignment and pressures; flat repair as req’d* (no Dealer will ever check spare -- know this!! -- they are just too profit-oriented to take the time ...)
Check wiper blades & renew* A/R, including rear & headlamps if fitted (another of the owner-obvious Dealer "service" shorfalls ...)
Lube driveline & suspensions; check U-Joints, check hardware, especially Panhard & front arms; tighten*  (Hmmm.  Dealers like Royal don't seem to get this one either.  Pattern developing??)
Check all hoses & note ------- Check belt & renew* A/R
Test battery & check cables & advise: clean*/service*/top-off A/R  (Does the dealer ever do this one?  Do they even know how?)
Check coolant & top off: if >1 pint low then run pressure test & advise*
Top off brake fluid ------------ & washer fluid -------------- & steering fluid
Check ignition: visual of HT wires, remove & inspect sample spark plug and advise
Visual check of fuel system; vacuum hoses; oil throttle cable/linkages
Check lug nuts,  for torque (over and under)
Update service reminders, endorse PASSPORT to SERVICE (does the dealer do this either??  No evidence the we can see.)
Roadtest when complete and wipe down; advise client about all impending repairs (Dealer QC is a car-wash hidden in the cost, duh --- not a 15 minute road test by a skilled technician!!  Where are their priorities????)

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