Falconworks, Tuscon's Premier Jaguar Workshop

  • We believe that exceptional workmanship matters most because it makes your car more reliable and cost effective to own over time.
  • We ensure these unusually high standards of repair can consistently be met, in part by rejecting paying any employee commissions, profit sharing or kickbacks of any sort.
  • Listening to you and your needs, and applying them, is an aspect of quality that we feel we must be able to afford to provide.
  • As the only facility providing our unique services for Tucson Jaguar owners, there is no way we can also be a neighborhood garage. Sorry. Our central location by I-10 may be sub-optimal for some, but not terribly inconvenient for any ... except our clients from Phoenix.
  • We are independent Jaguar and Land Rover maintenance and repair for Tucson, in no way influenced by JLR corporate politics.
  • We believe that good judgment is the hallmark of our team.
  • We offer to you the security of a better value, a more ethical and experienced crew than any of our competitors, but not a cheapened service, because, in our experience, that's the right thing to do.
  • Over 41 years total as Jaguar specialists, 27 at our current garage.
  • VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover also accepted.
  • Clean workshop, dealer-level tools and diagnostic computer, full machine shop precision tooling.
  • Full factory programming, or "flashing" capabilityas it is now called.
  • Honesty: the occasional newcomer won't like it, but we don't candy-coat facts.

  • Share in what we provide: please feel free to drop by, or call us at 520-294-3572 anytime to arrange a visit for your vehicle. We typically work by appointment.

OPEN 9 to 5, Monday through Friday


We can fix anything! Really though, we're specialists in all Jaguar and Land Rover preventive maintenance and mechanical repair, all years and models: Inspections, Services, brakes, alignment, vibration, electrical, computer, diagnostic, check-engine and other warning lights, cooling system overhauls, customer service ... and just plain advice.

  • We offer all services for late model cars through the 2019 model year, and we have complete computer diagnostic and factory re-programming capability for them as well, the same as the Dealer.
  • On the other end of the spectrum we are well versed and experienced in early cars (with those carburettor things on 'em), all things E-Type, all V12 Jaguars. See the vintage tab, above, for details. Our thorough assortment of early Jaguar repair hardware keeps "Ace" from spoiling your car.
  • There is very little we can't offer with pride and excellence ... in our small realm of English and exotic cars. (Outside our field we can often offer referrals.) We even keep a little machinist under the workbench, in-house, to ensure for you that important precision details aren't ignored amid the fray of the grander task, the way they are at most repair facilities.

    ~ Many claim to compete, and some, like British Car Service on Stone, and the local dealer, Royal Jaguar, have the credentials and experience to do so. But recently some presumptuous "European Service" (German) car shops with little to do have, self-proclaimed, jumped up to "specialist" status ... but that's all comparing apples to oranges. We're unique in our field. Most of the others have good sincere sweet-talkers up front, but in the back, behind the curtain, they have few, if any quality mechanics to draw upon to execute their words. And since they all pay commissions ("flat rate"), even their better mechanics -- if you're so lucky as to get one -- are motivated to take advantage of you.

    ~ Few garages anywhere take the time we do to take you seriously and listen, to carefully keep and review records,and no competitor holds the high technical and ethical standards Falconworks does of their technicians, nor have their patience, and field of experience.

    Message from shop owner Alan Cowan (over four decades Jaguar experience and author of the book about British car repair, It Came With Oil), "I am so very proud of our crew. They maintain our strict logical approach in spite of pressures to think otherwise. Their skills, judgment, honesty, and ethical standards impress me every day. They do not judge the clients, and they respect their varied needs. Their can-do attitude and continual efforts to learn and understand each new year's technology is amazing. Perhaps we're not getting rich, but we go home very happy and sleep well each night knowing we've done the best job for our folks that money can buy. We love our work, and your appreciation of true quality."

    AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR REDLINE SYNTHETIC OIL PRODUCTS. Many of our Jag clients call after purchasing our unique Transmission Service for the first time, call to comment on how wonderfully their car now works: Most can tell. True story!

    5603 S Palo Verde Road, Tucson, Arizona, 85706

    9-5 M-F, voicemail whenever closed: 520-294-3572