We are Falconworks ~ We are European Service for the desert southwest.

Auto Repair in Tucson is: Falconworks Intelligent auto repair

 Each few months a D110 Turbo-Diesel shows up.  From Europe, and travelling through Tucson, they generally ask us to do some major preventative maintenance before heading south into Mexico.  We don't get the usual call -- the one we get from local Tucson folks -- "We're at the Circle-K (or McDonalds) on Palo Verde and can't find you."  

They just
arrive and say, in decent English, "We know you are the best Land Rover shop in the southwest ... traveled here to find you ... hope you can fit us in!"  Here are just a few we photographed:

Defender 110 from Germany visits Falconworkshttp://www.nature-expeditions.com/

Defender 110 from Italy visits Falconworks http://3overland.blogspot.com/

Defender overland in Tucsonhttp://www.goingoverland.com/

Here are a small part of the fleet of D90 and D110 we see regularly for maintenance and repair at Falconworks Land Rover / Jaguar / Prius

Defenders at Falconworks Tucson

Best Land Rover photo ever ... before the days of the Range Rover


A Falconworks' day-trip east of the Whetstones in southwest Arizona

Las Cienegas, Sonoran Arizona

The IATA School went bankrupt:  it couldn't be due to the cost to run their airplane tug at Ryan Airfield, outside Tucson.

Range Rover on Ryan Field

G4 Discovery 2 flat-tows an early Classic into Falconworks for ... 'auto repair' ...  (Falconworks Intelligent Auto Repair has computer diagnostic tools for Land Rovers all the way back to 1987 --> see if your AutoLogic-equipped shop can do that!??)

Disco tows in Classic

The true Land Rover detour


Alan & Reese can finally see the Mustang Mountians, southwest Arizona ...

109 inch full-canvas convertible Land Rover

On old Arizona Highway 82 to Tucson.


Falconworks can repair anything ---- carb to computer.

Gray Market Range Rover

Dr. Ken's LWB nears the cliffs at the Cienegas, east of Tucson.

LWB Classic Rover

Alan's 109 just off the back-road run from Seligman to Kirkland Junction, AZ. Good stuff!

66 IIA at Kirkland Junction

They all started life young ...

Land Rover at motor show

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