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Tucson's specialized British, Classic and Vintage car repair, machine & service shop

The British car repair shop for Tucson for four decades
Bring us your Land Rover, Alfa, Lotus, Healey, Jaguar, Rover, MG, Triumph, any foreign sports car or exotic, and we'll make it last, drive happily, and appear virgin.

Cars with which we have extensive experience

  • AC, Ace, Aceca
  • Alfa Romeo, all 1954 on, SPICA fuel injection and Weber specialists
  • Aston Martin Lagonda, DB2, DB2/4, DB5, DB6, DB7, DB9 V-12
  • Austin, 1949 on, all, inc. A-40, A-55, A-90, America, Marina, Mini
  • Austin-Healey, all, inc. Sprite, 100 ("100/4"), 100/6, 3000
  • Bentley, 1946 to 1983, S1 and S2, other
  • BMW, 1963 to 1990, new Mini, also Land Rover and Range Rover variants (through 05)
  • BSA, twins
  • CitroŽn, 2-CV, ID, DS, SM, CX, XM
  • Datsun Nissan, 1959 to 240, 260, and 280Z, Datsun Roadsters 1600 and 2000, more†
  • Delorean
  • Ducati twins to 1995
  • Fiat, 500, 600, 600D, 1200, 1500, 850, 124 all, 128/X-19, 131, through 1981
  • Ford, Anglia, Cortina, GT-1600, Mustang
  • Hillman, Minx
  • Honda, Sterling, misc assorted
  • Jaguar: all 1937 on, including. SS, 3.5 liter, MkVII, MKIX, MKI, MKII, XK120, XK140, XK150, XKE, all V12, 240, 340, 420, 420G, 3.4, 3.8S, XJ6, XJ8, XK8, XJS, XKR, XJR, S-Type, X-Type, XF
  • Jensen-Healey, Jensen Interceptor
  • Land Rover, all including: Series 1, 2, 2A, and Series 3, TD5, TDi, Classic, Discovery, LR2, LR3, LR4, Range Rover, Defender, 86 88 107 109 110, Freelander
  • Lotus: Elite, Europa, Esprit, turbo, Esprit V-8, Elan
  • Mercedes, all 190, 220, and late C-Class
  • MG: TA, TC, TD, TF, MGA, MGB, MGBGT-V8, MGC, Magnette, Midget
  • Mini, all real ones
  • Morgan
  • Morris, all
  • Mustang, all years
  • Nash, all postwar US and UK (Austin - Hudson)
  • Nash-Healey
  • Norton twins, all
  • Pantera, De Tomasa
  • Peugeot, all 505 inc. Turbo Diesel
  • Range Rover, all
  • Rolls Royce, all 1949 to 1990
  • Rootes
  • Rover: Land Rover, P4, SC and TC2000, 3500, SD1, Sterling
  • Singer
  • Studebaker, misc postwar, inc. Avanti
  • Subaru, 4-cyl, misc
  • Sunbeam, all postwar inc. early Alpine
  • Toyota, 1959 on all, inc. Bluebird, 2000GT, all Prius hybrid
  • Triumph motorcycles, all twins, Goldstar
  • Triumph cars, all 1947 on, inc. 2000, 2000 sedan, TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4a, TR5, TR6, TR250, GT6, Spitfire, TR7, TR8
  • TVR
  • V-12: Jaguar 4-carburettor, HE, and injected; Aston Martin, fuel injected; Lincoln
  • Van Diemen, RF93 monoshock
  • Volkswagen, all air cooled, including aircraft conversions
  • Volvo, 444, PV544, 122, 142, 144, 145, 240 series, 760, 850

  • Special repair services we also provide

  • Alignment
  • Alternator repair
  • Appraisals: vehicles, single engine piston
  • Battery, testing
  • Bing Carb, inc. Rotax 200 and 400-Hour services
  • Bendix brake servos, power brakes, all inc Claton-Dewander, Benaldi, Lockheed, Girling
  • Bosch fuel injection: CIS, P-Jet, L-jet, Motronic, repair, tuning, trouble-shooting
  • Brakes -- 'best brakes in the world'
  • Bushing, bore and bush, hole repair, re-bushing machine and design
  • Carburetor calibration
  • Carburetor parts made, machine work, inc. calibration parts, jet sizing
  • Carburettor throttle bore and bush
  • Carb tuning / carb adjust
  • Clutch, overhaul
  • Computer diagnostics, dealer-level for Land Rover and Jaguar
  • Consulting: buying a collectible or classic vehicle
  • Consulting: buying a used car
  • Consulting: mechanical design
  • Consulting: restoration processes
  • Consulting: British car information
  • Cylinder head overhaul
  • Dellorto carb
  • Diagnostics (i.e. Troubleshooting, problem solving), we're the best
  • Distributor, repair, overhaul, testing
  • Electric motor, repair, restoration
  • Electrical and wiring, all, inc. Lucas
  • Electroplating: Artisan small-run zinc plating
  • Emissions, exhaust gas analysis, also "Check Engine" and "Service Engine Soon" warning lights
  • Engine overhaul, piston
  • Failure forensics, mechanical post-mortems, expert witness
  • Flashing Land Rover and Jaguar control modules with current software (1996 to 2014 my)
  • Fuel injection diagnostics, all
  • Generator (dynamo), repair, overhaul, restoration
  • Great Planes aircraft engine repair, overhaul (21-303)
  • Hardware, specially design and/or manufacture, solutions
  • Heat treating, tempering, annealing
  • Hybrid system maintenance and diagnostics, Toyota Prius
  • Hydraulic, sealing, repairs, cylinder, re-design
  • Inspection, destructive and non-destructive parts testing
  • Inspection, vehicle pre-purchase
  • Instrument repair, overhaul
  • Jaguar tensioner conversion, 4.0 V8 (XK8, XJ8, S-Type)
  • LeBlond radial aircraft engine repair, overhaul (21-303)
  • Lotus computer diagnostics (Esprit, Elan)
  • Lubricants, selection and/or analysis
  • Lucas, most items repaired or restored, inc threads and connectors, switches
  • Machine work, prototype and repair, lathe specialist
  • Magneto, repair, overhaul
  • Motor, repair, overhaul
  • Otter Switch repair, calibration
  • Pre-buys, aka Buyer's Check, Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Programming Land Rover and Jaguar computer modules (1996 to 2014 my)
  • Pump overhaul, all
  • Restoration the Smithsonian can envy: of parts, of sub-assemblies, and of complete vehicles: usually vintage sports cars, but Range Rover Classic seems widely the most popular these days
  • Rover engine conversion to 4.6 V8
  • Silver solder, brazing
  • Smiths Instruments, angle drives, small motors
  • Solex carb
  • SPICA injection, Alfa
  • Spring manufacture, small
  • Starter motor, service to restoration
  • Stromberg carb, CD automotive, aviation
  • SU Carburetter, fuel pumps, all
  • Suspension repair, also upgrades for racing or off-road
  • Switch, repair, overhaul, restoration
  • TestBook computer diagnostics (Land Rover's T4 Factory tool)
  • Tire balance, on-car dynamic, static (when the tire store can't get it right)
  • Transmission, and transfer box, overhaul
  • Tune-up, all makes
  • Vibration identification
  • WABCO ABS brake component repair
  • Weber carburetor
  • Welding, TIG, gas
  • Whitworth, British Standard: thread repairs, hardware, tools
  • Wiring repairs, solder connections and terminals only (no crimps)
  • Zenith carburettor

  • The best fix-it shop guys in the West

    Alan Cowan:
    Alan has been servicing European cars since he was in college in the midEuropean car mechanic seventies. †He is the proprietor at Falconworks and makes sure your wants and needs are explicitly adhered to in the workshop. †For problem-solving, beautiful†śsthetics (like the Aston Martin photo on the right), and for tuning carbs. he's the best there is. Flies behind a 5-cyl radial and drives an old Jag.

    Dylan Polinger:Land Rover and Jaguar mechanic
    Dylan is our star mechanic.† Thoughtful and patient, †he values the fine points of perfectionism. †He's been with us some years now and does brilliantly at the art. †He enjoys restoring vintage turntables in his free time. Drives a Range Rover L322; they also have an XK8.

    Josh Custer:Apprenticeship is fine auto repair
    Our apprentice, Josh is doing wonderfully in practicing the trade.† Interested, helpful considerate and concerned, his workmanship is always in your best interest.† This doesn't mean he doesn't have a sense of humor, as almost always he does.† He drives a Disco 1, has a nice spare D1, and Range Rover Classic project as well.

    Morgan Lawson:
    New to our team, Morgan is very caring and compassionate providing customer service for our clients. She is rapidly learning the trade with a unique hunger, already offering unusual expertise in obtaining parts and coordinating jobs.† We appreciate our newbie.

    As a team we bring the machinist, mechanic, metallurgist, engineer, parts specialist and management together to fix each thing right. As a team we bring all of Tucson the highest standard of repair at the most reasonable rates. But please, don't come to us looking for for a cheaper product ... just a better value.

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