Brushbox bushing failure:EAS compressor fault

This failure is common to all EAS compressor pumps used in Range Rover from 1993 to 2002.  It causes damage to the solder joints for the thermal breaker (black box near top of view) and poor support of the armature.

Symptoms are 'short cycling:' pump runs a few seconds and then stops, runs, stops, runs, stops, erratically.  It also results in overheating, poor performance, and noise.




Brushbox repair is simple:EAS repair by Falconworks

Repair, as outlined in detail on our EAS Help page, requires removing the brushbox from the rear plate (bell) for access.  It is then refitted with machine screws.   Be sure to discard the plastic thrust ring: it is redundant and is wholly the cause of the failure in the first place.

In this view the bushing is secured tightly and freshly oiled.   Note that the screw near the top and to the right of the hot brush-holder is very close to touching: make sure it doesn't!

All our repaired and rebuilt pumps get this modification as policy, but to be honest ... we have never received a compressor for repair which did not also have this fault.


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